Luca De Gradi, aka  Mr. Degrì,  born in Como, Italy, in 1981.

He studied at Art School in Lomazzo, Italy, and immediately developed creative needs.

Such needs were realized in his first experimentations with graffiti, that he cultivated for about ten years and have awarded him some notoriety.

Mr.Degrì is a self-taught artist, and his practise has undergone different developments: he has kept experimenting throughout time and has quit the graffiti blunt language for enthusiastically embracing painting.

His artistic growth has gone through different steps: from abstract art to figurative practice, from the use of paint cans to more complex executive techniques with the use of cameras, plotters, and projectors.

Today the artist is well aware of his results: his own personal artistic language. His style, in fact, oversteps simple depiction; he starts form a printed image – often a photograph- and at a later stage he processes and manipulates it with colours and plastics. This process leads to an unprecedented artistic dimension of the object in his works, which result composed and stratified.

The artist favours faces: he can portray his characters’ everyday life with huge emotional force and summarize different techniques in only one image in a highly communicative way.

The artist is never ordinary nor expected in his figurative outcome: each work represents a passage or/and a reflection. At the same time each work treasures a part of personal life, of past, and this makes each work an evidence towards maturation. The artist pursues maturation with strong resolution among errors, attempts and satisfying results.

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